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Some facts about Homosexuality and what will happen if gays are allowed to form legal unions under the same CIVIL RIGHTS as heterosexual couples.

1. Legalizing homosexual marriage will NOT make it compulsory for everyone to be gay.

2. The ONLY people the ratification of this basic human right would effect in any way are those who are gay and wish to make another person a legally defined part of their life; to have the same say in each other’s affairs as any heterosexual partner does (married or de-facto!)

3. The wish to form a legally defined commitment to another person, straight or gay, is a human right, a civil right and by not ratifying legal unions for ALL people, society is displaying a bigotry and prejudice that has no place in a democracy which purports to hold the freedom of the individual as a core value.

4. The sexual orientation of a person has nothing to do with intelligence, coolness, trend or choice. Being gay is NOT a ‘lifestyle’ choice. Being a vegetarian is a lifestyle choice. One’s sexual orientation just is.

5. Establishing a single value of legal status for all civil unions, straight and gay, does NOT force any church to conduct gay marriages. Those churches that believe in love and equality will of course offer marriage to all of their worshipers.


We have an [almost] openly gay prime minister, including most of her front bench, but they still fart-arse about pretending that the issue is not a ‘gimme’. Legally ratifying civil unions for all people, not just straight, is a basic and logical process. We should not even have to talk about it!

“If ‘they’ marry, next they can adopt too!” Well,.. Yes,.. of course! Would you rather kids be raised by an overloaded and uncaring system or loving parents? Being the child of a gay couple has NO bearing on a child’s sexual orientation. If it did, every boy raised by a [straight] single mum should be gay because his role-model desires the opposite sex (and the same for girls raised by a straight solo dad).

Homosexuality is a part of life. It is about time that some dinosaurs got their heads out of their nether regions and realise that unless they are FOR all adults being able to form a legal union, they are AGAINST democracy and freedom. There is no logical debate which can argue against this. Knee-jerk religiosity and dark prejudices are the only basis of argument against.

Come on Australia (and the rest of the ‘free world’), how about it? Isn’t it time we get rid of another remnant of an embarrassingly bigoted age? Anyone who supports civil rights, freedom of the individual and self determination has to argue in favour of equal rights for all free citizens. That is what it boils down to, freedom or tyranny. Right now, we have dogmatically driven, religiously based tyranny.


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Dec 172012

This is a physical recounting of a Journey related Purge.

Over the course of the day, I could feel things moving about. The day had seen water and a small amount of banana eaten in the morning, and just water through the afternoon in clinic. Feeling worse and worse, I made it through a shower and then IT hit!

Poor Michelle was staying over and she was subject to the full spectacular. I try to throw up quietly when I need to, and that is rare indeed. This was no normal thing. I knew I was going to throw up, so drank a half bottle of water to help the process and buffer the physical effects. As I drank, I clearly felt Aya in the mix somewhere, and felt that drinking that water was a physical cue for the next part. If you have seen the movie, "The Exorcist", you will understand what I will allude to in volume, velocity and capacity. Everything about the next eight hours of purging was well outside the realms of 'normal'. I had fasted for nearly two days, and there were litres (gallons)  of 'stuff' coming out of me. I had taken some charcoal caps earlier in the day to help with the nausea and now it was charcoal coming back out.

Following several sessions of 'B grade movie' worthy exorcism type scenes, complete with sound-track and special effects (barring spinning heads), I felt and saw objects coming out of me, outlined clearly and physically in the charcoal. These were the exact same shapes of the cloudy shadows seen previously by Aya and myself. They had total physical coherence and integrity until they hit the water and dissolved, sometimes immediately, sometimes through an array of intermediate shapes. I never felt so good about flushing a toilet after seeing those come out! The volume was incredible; there is no physical way that much could be inside of me, much less coming out and leaving me with enough liquid left in me to keep the blood pumping. I drank a couple of litres over the course of the evening, but I promise you, this was nothing compared to the Niagara Falls type volume coming out!

Between the penultimate and final purge of the session, Aya came to me and said, "you made good choices. The rest we will do in my home." I felt an amazing sense of relief, comfort and peace, even during the last and most spectacular of the purges that evening. It truly felt as if I was throwing out of my body so many bad habits, guilt, worries and negative events and feelings, that all that could be left was cleaner and lighter.

The session finished with the first rays of the new sun and a completely spent Craig! The Thursday clients had to be canceled (something that I do reluctantly and rarely!) and I spent the next two days in bed, recovering and fasting still.

A good friend then bought around a tortilla, made upon onions and garlic in the good, Spanish tradition. Despite normally being repelled by the smell, in anticipation of the body's reaction, I decided to try a corner. After eight hours and no pain, I had a little more. Still no pain, no bowel repercussions and no cramping. A full meal of tortilla and salad later and still no cramps! OK, time to test it; ordered take out from a local Italian place, including the garlic bread; had a big feed and nothing but normal! Since then, I have eated garlic and onions freely and had no repercussions.

Horse remain untested (waiting until the peak of summer) but initial indications are good that the horse allergy is no longer active either.

I stress that these things are as close to medically impossible as anything can be. Once established, food allergies like I had are considered there for life.

Notes – There is more purging to be done in the future – oh yes indeed there is! Industrialised culture avoids purging as a bad thing. Shamanically, purging has been used for treatment for thousands of years. The thing many do not get is that when in the grip of Aya or a similar plant Teacher, give yourself over to the process and remain the observer as well as the participant. The purge is almost orgasmic in nature (although nowhere near as enjoyable), a joyous release of life's crap and detritus from one's being.

The Unexpected Gifts – Since this evening, I have had a complete and total disregard for alcohol, something I normally enjoyed , but not excessively. Aya said that this will remain for three months. (Note: this actually lasted around five months and moderation is now my desire – 2014) I have little interest in meat other than fish and foul occasionally, and now taste the sugar and salt in foods that before were bland to me. My belt has come in three sizes, my desire is for whole and healthy food. Alcohol, junk food and processed foods have less appeal to me now than drinking engine oil! My being has changed and I am more filled with life and vitality again. Chocolate is no longer satisfying, nor even particularly enjoyable. I have not added salt to my food since, yet taste salt clearly in even a boiled egg.

Physically, I have taken up yoga now without even deciding to, it is just a part of who I am now, at least since the purge.

Summary – I have been privileged to meet Ayahuasca before I meet Her physically in Her jungle home. My contact with Her has been profound and life-changing. To me, personal miracles like those described above are clear confirmations that the path I am on is the right one for me.

Since this purge, my shamanic practice is far more natural and less restrained. I know my path is clear and guided, marked by personal healing at every point. My energy is higher, cleaner and my person is lighter again. I have been shown exactly what to expect in my first few physical meetings, taking the Ayahuasca medicine physically in the Amazon (it is illegal in Australia).

I know Aya will teach and assist me to release the rest of the crap I have carried for years. Even better, she has offered to help me learn how to help others, an opportunity I have gladly and without reservation, accepted.

The relief and ease that something so simple as being able to eat corn chips with salsa again, to want to eat cucumbers and watercress and greens, to desire above choice those things which are healthful to my body and mind,.. wow!  Thank you Grandmother Aya.

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Dec 172012

Journey – After a day of near fasting, I met Aya again in journey. She asked for permission to touch me energetically, but warned me to remain very neutral and to not reciprocate exploration in any way as I was and am not ready to merge with Her mind.

As soon as the first contact happened, I was again in that same transparent state describe earlier. The energetic contact was transparent too, and with every touch, the part of me being touched blinked in and out of transparency like a bad sci-fi movie. She felt concerned at one point, and I asked her what concerned her. Knowing she focused on the cataract like clouds visible when my body was clear, I did my best to energetically get myself out of the way so she could see clearly (how un-necessary!). She stated simply that some of these clouds are not my own. We discussed in a flash of data exchange their origins and impacts upon my life and health.

[Prime amongst these was a total intolerance to any form of onion or garlic and a severe allergy to horses. Anyone with a food sensitivity will tell you that onions and garlic are used in just about everything. These were set up when very aggressively treated for pneumonia in my early twenties – before then, I had no worries with any food! The smallest sliver of onion, garlic, chive or shallot had me doubled over in pain within 90 minutes and on the toilet for the next six to ten hours after that. My horse allergy only started after I got to ride and learn how much fun they are.]

She asked me why I wanted to keep them (the cloudy, cataract like structures) and I told her I had no idea how to get rid of them. She offered her assistance and I readily agreed, forgetting for that moment that Aya is also known as La Purga (The Purge!).

At this point in the journey, there was far more content, but I can only recall falling asleep at this point, something that does not happen in journey very often for me.

Physical – I woke on the Wednesday morning feeling ‘very ordinary’ indeed. It was to be a fasting day of liquid only. I can;’t say just how hard it is to offer care and attention when you can feel the Spirit of Aya rumbling around in your body like a team of forensic specialists keen on ferreting out every single little secret. Interestingly, that day was also one of almost effortless corrections in clinic, with clients feeling larger improvements with less conscious input from me. I only JUST made it a few times without losing the stomach, but I felt in control of the nausea and found I could ‘delay it’ for long enough to settle down.

Little did I know that Aya was to make good on her offer that evening. Hindsight is always 20/20!

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Dec 172012

Journey – This was an exciting journey as I finally figured out the intent required to make contact at long last. A Bushmaster came to me, but this time it was distinctly feminine, and we merged beings in an almost erotically charged scene of blending energetic and conscious forms. We first explored each other’s uniqueness and similarities – which are surprising in the Bushmaster, a far more complex mind than other snakes [in my limited experience].

We continued merged, and lengthened on the ground next to the same big tree described before, rolling and becoming Boa as well as Bushmaster. Each energy was similar but highly different at the same time, almost alien to each, but with a common blue-print sharing a deeper connection. A reflection of the other, we continued to twist around each other, the Boa and the Bushmaster, until I realised we were now the physical vine of Aya. In a flash, I realised that the vine is both the Bushmaster and the Boa. The different species of Aya vine (as recognised by Ayahuasceros, not botanists) are differentiated by their ratio of Bushmaster/Boa spirits. The Ayahuasca Negro, for example, is mostly Bushmaster and is a powerful medicine requiring the utmost respect. The light Aya is mostly Boa, a far more tolerant teacher.

When this realisation hit me full force, I then became aware of a new presence, a far older and very feminine presence supplanting my snake guardians smoothly and with amazing grace and implacability. This is my first meeting with Grandmother Aya.

(The rest of this journey was private and concerned primarily how I can reliably find her and commune with her again.)

Physical – When signing off from this journey, I realised I had not been given anything by which to measure physical proof, my method for ‘validating’ a journey. I was given a fast flash of a number of scenarios to happen the next practice day, all of which came about to the person and the detail. I love proof!

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Dec 172012

Journey – The Bushmaster joined me in journey as a guardian this time, and I left my normal guardians behind. Again, their demeanor was disinterested rather than watchful, so I felt no reason to distrust this spirit.

We went into the jungle in the snake’s middle world home. As we traveled deeper into the jungle, I was invited to merge consciousness with the snake. He let me see through his eyes, hear through its taste and smell, feel and see through its vision, infra-red sensing pits and body. These are not typos, but the closest human analogy I can describe to the snakes sensations. We then went deeper within each other and it was as surprised at the differences in perception and nuance of me as I was of it. Letting the minds touch, I can see the snakes very direct menu of stimulus/response and another level of consideration and caution which is applied only after the first set of choices is made.

He (the spirit of Bushmaster) let me experience sighting prey, leading to a simple menu choice, opportunity=eat; this was then moderated by a second layer of choices, inn this case, not hungry=don’t strike. The first impulse was to determine prey/threat status but the second moderator was much more situationally adaptive.

[I look forward to discussing this in far more detail with those who understand the snakes physical behaviors. It left the Bushmaster with a very short decision matrix when surprised, one of the reasons it is so feared by the locals where it occurs.]

We did a kind of fast-forward through a cycle of shedding and growth. The itching that comes with the Bushmasters rough skin before and during shedding is horrible. Like something caught between your teeth, an insistent itch in every part you can’t reach or scratch. During this distraction, the second layer of behaviors shown before, became almost non-existant. The frustration is such that one just needs to do ‘something’. At this time, a small rodent showing up  is just as much a target of frustration as a food source. [I was surprised at how small an animal the Bushmaster could be interested by.]

Whilst deeply engaged in merge, the snake began to head towards a large tree. On reaching it, we started to climb our way up we merged lightly with the ayahuasca vine we were climbing, touching the spirit of Aya for the first time with a jungle guardian moderating – letting me know my intent is just about right. At this realization, we untangled our beings and I sat at the base of the tree, leaning against an old Aya vine as thick as my waist. The Bushmaster then showed me how to appropriately greet [a poor description] one of his kind. Then I met him again as the boa, the python, the fer-de-lance, the coral and many, many more.

A huge spider came then, and she showed me how to greet members of her kind in a similar way which would be repetitive to recount.

[I came out of this journey thinking that a considerable amount of wishful thinking was at work here, as who would not want to know how to commune with snakes when going to South America? The entire journey was partially written off in my mind as wishful thinking rather than solid data.]

Physical – About two hours later, I found myself in an unplanned visit to the Carrara Markets, a local market with a decent fruit and vege section. During this visit, Michelle (who is normally very reluctant to even acknowledge a snake, much less seek one out) came around the corner and said, “You have to meet this snake!” – despite the look of disbelilef on her face as she said it. In a pet shop was a beautiful red-rock python. After looking at this snake for a minute, I decided, feeling more than a little foolish, to try the greeting I had been shown. The snake returned it! I looked at Michelle in more than a little disbelief and discussed the possibility that it was just a fluke. I repeated the greeting and the snake had to now inconvenience itself physically to return the greeting, but again, did so!

In the time since, there have been an atypically high number of meetings with reptiles and (larger) spiders, each ending in the same way. I can not say that I can talk to snakes or anything like that, but during my time in the Amazon, if I can make a peaceful acquaintance with snakes, I am all for it! This physical confirmation forced me to reconsider that which was shown during the journey and give it far more significance – hence its inclusion above.

Within a few subsequent journeys, I have found glimpses of a potential new life in the Amazon and Andes. These are not suitable for open discussion. At this point, it is probably time to discuss the concept that some journey specifics are not for open discussion and some are only for discussion between Maestro and seeker. These will be marked ‘private’.

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Dec 172012

This journey is the next of significant note. I arrived almost immediately in the transparent place of the last journey (Aug 03), but there was, this time, no distinct feeling of middle world or lower world, and felt more like within the shared boundary of each rather than clearly in one or the other. My intent (private) had been fixed in my mind for most of the day but the upshot was that I desired to meet with and commune with Aya (Ayahuasca’s Spirit).

This time the space has borders, although they were hardly defined. If you have been diving in cloudy water, you understand how there is a distinct barrier to visibility but no clear line as such. In the jungle it is similar too. In front of me came a huge Jaguar and a Bushmaster snake as thick as my leg and twice as long as me. They both charged at me, a test full of bravura and display, but my guardian was unmoved so I knew that there was no intent to attack. Instead, I sat on the ground and between hisses and snarls, invited them to sit and join me.

Suddenly, they both laughed in a most human manner and sat/coiled in front of me. I asked permission to speak with them of their world; this was granted. I asked why I met them when my intent was to meet the Spirit of Ayahuasca? At that point, the animals began to transform into the chacruna (mixed with the Ayahuasca vine to make the medicine), one melting into the leaf and the other into the patterns of the stem. At one point, the form of both could be clearly seen except right where the focus of the eye was.

(a section of private experience)

Each animal began to transform in front of me until each had become a clear representative of all of their family of creatures. The Bushmaster is the Boa and all other snakes. The Jaguar is the Puma, and all other cats of the trees. When it seemed that there could be no more wondrous expansion into more possible creatures, all of whom were in the same space, that all began to merge, this time, becoming the vine (Ayahuasca).

(remainder private)

Commentary – this was a far deeper and more profound journey for me as it revealed a good number of things about the jungle where my calling was leading me to, and the nature of the creatures within it. I began to feel the clear link between the Bushmaster, the Boa and the Jaguar, as well as the Ayahuasca and other plant spirits met during this journey.

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Dec 172012

Using techniques already known in working with plant spirits, the strangler fig in specific, I made a conscious decision to begin working with Ayahuasca’s Spirit whilst still in Australia. At no time will I go into my past shamanic training prior to 2012. This is so the information on this site is read and accepted or rejected based upon the information contained within, not some false legitimacy based on a ‘Noble Savage’ type of prejudice.

The Journey – First, my journey took me to the Strangler Fig in the Middle World, where a guardian spirit known well to me joined us. I met the plant spirit and we communed for a while. It then asked me to state clearly my intent so it may assist me in my journey. I said I wish to meet The Grandmother. I was asked which Grandmother? “Ayahuasca please?” was the almost unbidden response. I was told there would be a preparation first and my guardian and I merged a little, as happens when I am to be taken somewhere that is easier shown than described.

We arrived in a clear space. Not clear, as in very tidy, but clear as in the inside of a perfect crystal or transparent pool without edges. The Fig and I merged a little, and I watched from Fig’s viewpoint my physical body turn completely clear, whilst remaining physically ‘there’ too. Scattered around in my body I could see small cloudy spots, a bit like cataracts in an eye. Reaching energetically for them, they were harder, distinct from the rest of the body.  Some shapes were joined, others independent. By breathing into one, I could find its links to others within the body.

Once clearly seen, I knew that these are manifestations or representations of physical, emotional and spiritual baggage. Rather than begging for them to be removed, I was content in the knowledge of where and what each represented. In these journey types, I find that the journeys are serial in nature and will be clarified at a later point. Kind of like a ‘for-your-information-only’ type of email which is intended only to plant a seed or keep you in the loop.

The journey ended shortly after that with no real need for processing beyond remembering.

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Dec 172012

Late one night – actually early one morning – I came to realise that I need to go to South America to extend and share my shamanic  practice. In discussing this with Michelle, I decided that I would need to train someone to take my place. After training a number of other successful practitioners in the past, essentially from scratch, I had a different set of criteria for an ‘apprentice’ this time.

I wanted a bloke, at least 6 foot tall, fit and keen with a sound, pre-existing knowledge and already registered as a practitioner in his own right. External interests, a good brain and a willingness to learn were all listed, as were a multitude of other criteria. On waking in the morning, in my Inbox is an Email from Robert Want, a physiotherapist, who wanted to learn what I do in my Myotherapy practice. Perfect! I love the way synchronicity happens. The major boxes in my list were all ticked in the first email.

The original plan was for Rob to act as a locum whilst I went to Sth America for two to three months. This plan was quickly amended to becoming an indefinite sabbatical of tow to three years initial planning in duration, with a brief touchdown and another go around planned to follow. Naturally, this turned the heat up a little on Rob, expectations wise. I don’t know how many people could commit to stepping into another practitioner’s shoes fully.

Rob has, up until October, 2012, been doing a good number of professional workshops, gaining a good knowledge of cranio-sacral and visceral manipulation techniques; and further physiotherapy training, of course. He also just ‘did Europe’. Now begins the hard-core training. Our intention is for Rob to essentially take-over my client role and continue to provide a similar care for my wonderful clients. We have yet to figure out the shape of the new clinic, but like myself, Rob’s primary intent is the best health outcome possible for all clients.

You will find, should you read on from here, that most of my shamanic experiences come with a physical result. Possibly because of my stubborn skepticism, most ‘reliable’ journeys &/or decisions which follow [what might be termed], “my path”, are littered with physical happenings and unlikely occurrences that confirm to me their reliability. Anyway, on with the blog…

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Dec 172012

Well folks, this is the first post of what is to become a long running investment in time and energy, to say the least. Please scroll down to see what’s happening.

The voyage I am undertaking is as much a spiritual quest for me as it is a chance to see the world. In many of these posts, I will be discussing shamanically based experiences. Many of the stories will be a no-holds-barred affair with highs and lows portrayed as close to reality as I can objectively describe a subjective experience. At times, the shamanic language and terms to be used will have a certain amount of overlap with Judeo-Christian terms, but the definitions and import is often hugely different. I would invite reading more about Shamanism, if interested, on

Please watch the Content Notifications in posts for Age and Content warnings. If a photo in a story may be seen generally as confronting, I will warn about it first and will not be hitting anyone in the face with it. The content here is rated typically at PG13+. There may be moments when the language or situation could end up as deserving a much higher rating, so please check the rating on each post.

Before the trip (June 2013), I will post some of the adventures and misadventures of preparation, including me learning to walk a Slack Line, Stand Up Paddle Board and use a tiny and easily rolled surf ski or surf kayak, all for preparation for the known challenges in the River country. I recon there will be some laughs along the way. If you can’t offer yourself up as entertainment now and then, what’s the point in trying anything new?

In each post during the trip, I will add a completed leg report with images. My Facebook Page will be where I post the short notice stuff, like “Diverting to Axacal Pyramids, off air for five days.”. On the Facebook page I will also be leaving a ‘bread-crumb trail’ (who the driver or guide is and who knows him etc.). The Facebook page will receive notices when a new section is added here too.

Wishing everyone peace, happiness and wealth in all the ways that really matter,.. Craig

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Dec 142012

Why should I be concerned about the loss of polar ice, aside from the penguins and polar bears?

Since 2007, we have lost 46% of all ice on our planet. Best estimates say that 2030 will see an ice free north pole! Not less ice,.. NO ICE!

The loss of ice has a dual feedback on infrared absorption – the thicker ice is, the better it reflects away heat (infrared energy). Ice reflects heat, water absorbs it. Every bit of ice that melts means the water is going to warm far more quickly once uncovered.

This is recognized by all but a few paid mouthpieces in the scientific community as ‘inevitable’. Aside from grandiose scheme to put up massive solar shields in space which will never get off the ground, literally, there is no mechanism in science or technology recognized as being able to even slow the loss of ice.

Since the last runaway green house event, organic carbon has accumulated in massive stores, especially in the frozen wilderness of the polar and sub-polar regions. Vast stores of methane, a gas 8 times more dangerous than CO2 for warming, are held in hydrate form in the ocean beds and permafrost regions. As these melt, massive, truly staggering quantities of methane are going to spill out at an ever increasing rate. This will amplify global warming by a factor as yet unquantified fully by science [discussions behind closed doors use the adjective, “terrifying” a lot!].

Add to this the vast quantities of organic matter in mounds hundreds of meters thick which have been safely frozen away. These are melting, allowing bacteria to start metabolizing the organic matter. the waste from this process is Methane and CO2.

This is the Methane Feedback mechanism. Science is in disagreement over its importance and predictability, but nobody argues it is nothing. the arguments are about how fast it will kill us, not whether it is significant.

Potentially, our contribution to CO2 will tip the release of more than four times the carbon effect, with many estimates evidencing good science predicting another two to four times this amount.

What else does Polar Ice do?

When Polar Ice is stable, so are the polar oscillations, weather movements that keep the cold air over the poles. There are also other oscillations totally dependent on sea temperatures. When these break down, cold air from the poles spills out, resulting in the ice storms seen in the north over the last decade. With the loss of the cold air, ice melts and becomes liquid, warming the remaining ice faster and faster in a feedback loop that is already in runaway mode.

And sea levels?

Here is the next whammy, as sea levels rise, so do salt tables in our most productive land, including our fresh water rivers. Rising sea levels are often portrayed as mainly displacing human populations. This is easy to show graphically. Now picture the productive land on the same maps to see why this is a serious and urgent issue. Add in the raising of salt tables and there is a whole food production problem looming.

Allowing coal seam gas mining on our remaining productive land is plain folly – we need that land at peak health to grow whatever can survive in the 46 degree Australian day time temps expected by the end of this century. Water evaporation will be another issue – wars will be fought over fresh water again.

How long have we got?

Best guesses offer 20 years for the Arctic and an unknown timespan for the Antarctic (2100+) . As the seas warm and acidify, plankton viability crashes and the CO2/O2 cycle is broken. Quiet but well founded estimates say that by 2050, we are likely to see the atmospheric balance of gasses begin to alter dramatically, effecting rain, water, salinity and food production. The planetary food cycle begins and ends in the cold polar waters, precisely because they are cold. Sequential marine biomass crashes are generally accepted to become fully evident as a process between 2025 – 2060