About Craig


Hi, I'm Craig. Like most people, I find it hard to write about myself. So here are the things that I would write if I were writing about somebody else.

Born in the mid 60's into an RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) family, as a child, my family moved a lot. We spent a little time in Asia and in many parts of Australia, with postings in South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales (in the ACT). My father was a trouble shooter for his chain of command, and was always sent to do the jobs that were one or several ranks higher than his actual rank. Associating with some of the real officers and gentlemen of the day shaped a lot of my values as an adult, and despite the hard stuff, I am grateful for the experiences (said from this end of life).

I was a bit of a gypsy as a young adult, following my nose, trying my hand at many different and interesting things, and along the way, falling into some learning situations that have shaped my path in life, as we all do to one extent or another. 

My nose and calling led me into massage, then remedial therapies, and finally, into myotherapy. Along the way, I picked up a Naturopathic qualification I no longer use, learned a lot about traditional Chinese medicine and attended, presented and facilitated a huge variety of professional development workshops and seminars. I wrote a number of business development and professional development articles, contributed to text books and course development, and fought to professionalize remedial therapies and myotherapy in both private institution and university settings.

After nearly thirty years in practice, during which I was married, divorced, learned a lot of lessons the hard way and a few the not-so-hard way. I was morbidly obese and unhappy, got happier and fitter, dropping from a 52" waist to a 36/35", but not with joy in the corporate world any more. I quit practice, wrote a novel, gave up all possessions except what fitted into my back pack and left to follow my path to Peru, where I ticked off the last item on my life's to-do list before rediscovering my new path.

Now I practice as a shamanic practitioner in Peru, cook a sacred medicine, Huachuma (Wachuma, San Pedro cactus) and on return in 2016, become resident in my spiritual home. I also write still, having rediscovered the joy in telling my stories, intertwining real life and real solutions into parables like modern medicine stories.