Shamanism and Shamanic Practice


Welcome to my hearth, and into my medicine circle

This section is dedicated to the exploration of the foundations of modern shamanic practices.

In times past, the hearth of the Shaman was a 'common' area within the physical space of a tribe or village for many cultures.  Ideally, it was – and is – a place of discussion, teaching and learning.  In healthy societies, the shaman was the agent of peace, conciliation and counsel.  This site is my modern version of the Shaman's Hearth, open to you and the wider [internet] community of industrialized citizens.  All who come with an open heart and clean intent are welcome.

"The Shaman walks respectfully in many inter-connected worlds with wonder and gratitude; worlds of energy and spirit; of completion and oblivion; the Shaman walks in a world of many realities."

"The Shaman understands that his/her role is that of the fulcrum, not that of the lever or the force applied to the lever." 

"The Shaman understands that to practice with gratitude and humility and respect and love defines clean practice."

The information herein is presented is such a way to make this site friendly, informative and a place where help and learning can be sourced. These pages are presented in an interview transcript style, hopefully restraining any tendency to 'lecture' in favor of a simple and direct discourse where you can 'join in' the discussion.

There will be no super-spiritual sounding jargon here, and this is a sound-bite free zone!  I do not present myself as a 'shaman'; that is an honorific bestowed by a community, not a title to be attained. My work is that of a shaman, and that is a s far as my personal claim will ever go. I do not wear long robes inappropriate to my culture, nor do I choose to present myself looking essentially 'constipated' whilst trying to regurgitate [or fabricate] “spiritualistic sound-bites”; these are surely the hall-marks of 'plastic' practices – ones that are, at very best, shared delusions amongst those who choose to self-deceive.  Elaborate ceremonies, 'age old' rituals (that were made up last year), theories that deny basic scientific understanding as inconvenient and therefore irrelevant and similar activities all mark 'plastic' practice.

My words, ideas and concepts are to stand on their own, with no false legitimacy based on the Noble Savage prejudice; a precept that those people untouched by the industrial world's 'evils' are somehow more ‘spiritually advanced’ or ‘spiritually worthy’ than those from a suburban or city environment. People are people and nothing makes one person more 'worthy' than another; not skin color, ethnicity nor education.

In no part of this site will I claim any form apparent legitimacy by claiming or alluding to 'years of training' or experiences 'in the wilderness', nor will I cite living or training with shamanic cultures in an attempt at legitimization of the information herein.  I do not attempt to claim credibility from citing other authors in the field; when I cite another's work, that work is to stand or fall based upon its own merits.  I claim only to have lived my 50 years in this body and to have learned some things, despite my own thick-headedness.  Redemption and awakening are always possible.  They are gifts of our universe that are always available to all who choose to live consciously and conscientiously.

I would urge you explore this site with an open mind and an open heart.  Let the information run through your own filters of truth and deception, of value and validity; in other words, choose your truth and your path with intelligence and a clean intent.  Only results count.  Every theory is wonderfully warm and fuzzy until hard, verifiable results are presented for evaluation.  Results are verifiable when pain is gone, when the crippled stand upright, when fear is transmuted to understanding and when envy is moved into celebration. The closest we can get to truth is feeling good and happy and fulfilled and love.

Healing, health and life can only be experienced individually.  Life, love, happiness and grace can be shared freely.  Each is the key to the other.

Welcome to my hearth,.. Craig