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Yoga – move it or lose it!

Physical health has three physical markers, Strength, Endurance and Flexibility. When it comes to Flexibility, yoga remains my first choice as a system to recommend to my clients, friends, and family.

Whilst I will almost always recommend yoga as a way of keeping the body happier and healthier, not all teachers are the same. Find someone who appeals to you and who feels to you like you can trust them. Ask around your friends; you may be surprised to find out who does yoga already.

The simplest point to start for almost everybody is the "Salute to the Sun", also known as a "Sun Salutation". There are many versions, or variations, but the essence remains similar in each case. When to start? How about now? Here is the simple truth of the matter; ten minutes a day is a start. You can find excuses (reasons) to not dress up, drive to the gym and do an hour of workout every day, but just ten minutes, every day? Do this for just oor one month and see and feel the difference for yourself.Then do it for the rest of your life!

Just remember that saying you aren't flexible enough to do yoga is the same as saying you are too dirty to wash!

And a traditional demonstration with clear contrast to see the sequence again.

This is a much more detailed instruction of the elements of the Sun Salutation which is excellent to watch after viewing the shorter ones above.

And for what seems to be a pretty comprehensive beginner's class to demonstrate a full yoga session. Please consider that physical health has only three quantifiable markers, strength, endurance and flexibility. Along with cardio and resistance sports or play, yoga is an investment in your health that will make a difference to your quality of life, now, and in the future. Naturally, if you have pre-existing physical complaints, it is best to seek a professional instructor to take you through the sequence a few times and show you modifications of techniques to allow you to safely start and continue.

Folks, simple fact is that 10 minutes of sun salutations in the morning will change your outlook through the day. I dare you to prove me wrong; just perform sun salutations for 10 minutes every morning for 30 days straight. If you do not feel different, in a distinctly positive way, tell me! I have not yet had anyone report that it failed to make a great and positive difference in their lives. I bet you feel healthier, happier, and just a little tinge of growing pride that you have taken on and kept up something good.

If you, or someone you know, has a video that you feel is clearer than any of these in some way, or fills a need, please send me a link and I will be happy to post them here.  Cheers,.. Craig