Body Resistance Rules!


When it comes to Body Resistance Exercise, You don't need weights or a gym, just motivation.

Physical health has three physical markers, Strength, Endurance and Flexibility. When it comes to Strength, body resistance exercise remains my first choice.

Aside from Yoga, there are few things a body needs to build strength and tone other than body resistance. The videos below are excellent examples of the pinnacle of technique and purpose by Calisthenic Movement ( Check out their YouTube channel for more amazing video and inspiration. Remember, you don't have to be a start, you just have to start and not stop!

Now a word of caution, like any work out, start slowly, carefully and wisely. Begin developing technique first, let the power come naturally without forcing it, then the speed and endurance will come too, but without injury.

Bodyweight Exercises For Absolute Beginners – Examine the logic behind the modifications of these exercises, especially the negative movements designed to help develop strength and endurance in the full range whole movement.

Street Workout Beginner Routine – Advancing levels of movement and difficulty. Please have a good instructor or trusted spotter working with you for your first few attempts at some of these. Remember though, strength without flexibility is an injury waiting to happen.

10 Basic Strength Exercises You Should Know – Again, the logic in each of these movements speaks for itself.

Common mistakes in push-ups and pull-ups – Good exercises performed badly will injure you, or offer less advantage than they should. Mistakes are either from lack of education or excess of ego, both are hurting your results.

TOP 10 – Workout Mistakes