Reconciling Shamanism and Science


Some thoughts on reconciling shamanism and science as a new reality

Part Five of an interview with Craig Berry as an introduction to Modern Shamanism.

How do you, as someone who is obviously into science and scientific study, reconcile Shamanism and Science?  They seem so far away from each other.

Shamanism is not so far away from physics and science, it can’t be as it is a part of these things already!  This is going to be a wild ride, so buckle in.  I am going to have to go into physics a bit here, but will keep it as light as I can whilst preserving the essence of the explanation.

Let's take a fast diversion to the origin of matter and the realm of Quantum Dynamics. When our physical universe formed from a massive outpouring of condensing energy, only three [stable] elements formed naturally, hydrogen, a little helium and a tiny bit of lithium. Every last atom of every other element that makes up you, me and the planets, solar systems and galaxies we see had to be made in the heart of a sun. That is the only place in our universe where matter comes under enough pressure and heat to fuse, releasing energy and forming new elements at the same time. When you look at your finger tip, its physical matter was born in a long dead and exploded sun, far, far away!

Quantum Dynamics has two principles of particular relevance to us, those of entanglement and observation.

Entanglement is what Einstein referred to as 'spooky action at a distance'. The theory holds that when two atoms have been intrinsically associated, they remain linked despite physical separation. We understand that nothing in our physical universe exceeds light speed (including signals or information using a physical means).  Yet if you change the state of one entangled particle, this is mirrored by an instantaneous change in the state of the other entangled particle/s. The ‘instantaneous’ should have tweaked your interest. The communication between these particles not only exceeds the value of the speed of light, it happens in exact synchronicity regardless of any intervening distance. There is no direct cause and effect in play on both particles; change one particle's state and you instantly change the states of all other particles entangled with that particle.

So something happens that exceeds light speed, but how or what is unknown?

Exactly.  There is a transfer of data which acts without regard for the linear rules governing matter and physics.  That is a significant key to the whole Temporal Dynamics hypothesis.  Our physical universe exists with very neat, linear rules where past obediently comes after a present, which we are unable to define or measure, which follows the future in a wonderful sequence of procession.  When past follows future via the present, you have a linear continuum.  That is our universe.  The same rules apply on the other side of the universe as they do under your very foot, here and now.  Light speed is the same objective measurement here or behind the most distant sun.  When science has evidenced conclusively the existence of information transferring at rates beyond the hard limits of our physics, we have something that requires investigation.  We might get to that in a while though?

What about Observation?  You mentioned entanglement and observation before.

In Quantum Dynamics, it is observation that resolves potential into particle. Don't panic, it is not as hard as it might first sound. When light moves, it moves as a wave of potential positions for a photon, a particle of light. When the light (wave) is observed, it collapses or resolves into a photon, a quantum (base unit) particle of light. Only with observation does this occur. Here is an interesting thought; the same thing happens with other particles too, even atoms! 

Does this mean that the moon should disappear if we all stop looking at it?

[Laughs]  Maybe we are over-extending the analogy a little here.  Observation happens in two ways, and each have very different qualities.  These two ways are autonomic and relativistic observation.  Autonomic observation happens between particles and atoms and molecules.  Autonomic observation is chemistry.  Each bit of the moon is observing its immediate neighbor autonomically.  Light waves resolve into particles as their energetic potential is expressed according to physics basic laws.

Relativistic observation is different.  Relativistic observations are those awareness's and influences beyond simple chemistry.  Our particles making up the moon ‘feel’ the energetic influence of the sun, earth and rest of the solar system and galaxy.  They do not make relative observations beyond a generalized response to energy falling upon the mass, solar heating and cooling etc.  Gravity is different.  Gravity comes from time, but that is a discussion all on its own.  I just do not count gravity in this group as it is a foundational element of our universe to the point that without it, observations would simply not be possible.  Relativistic observations are most clearly demonstrated by life.

I observe my keyboard and interact with it to write these words.  I observe a thing relative to myself and other things.  The resolution of that observation, and of autonomic observation too, marks the point of ‘now’.  At the fine membrane of the point of observation, you find ‘now’.

I feel like we are missing a bit of the puzzle here.  Care to fill in the blanks?

Yes.  The principle of Temporal Distillation and resolution is critical as it it this which the Shaman uses to perform many of his or her functions.  Let me summarize it like this.  Imagine a floating membrane a moment thick.  That is now, the moment when one subatomic particle exchanges data with another – the point of observation.  Flowing out from under this is a single solid structure that is history.  One singular, consistent, cohesive history.  Flowing into this membrane are many lines of potential future paths, each undergoing the process of probabilistic resolution, exploring every possible future path to find the single, most enduringly energetic path possible, this is the most probable path for history to take.

Think of a tree from the top down, hundreds of little branches resolving into thicker and fewer, stronger branches until you get to the single trunk.  The place on this tree where ‘now’ would be where the last two branches become a single trunk.  If you can appreciate the scale of the whole of the universe, what happens on one little world does not have much impact in most cases.  Remember that history will follow the single, most enduringly energetic path.  The Quantum Shaman works to identify those futures beyond now where an alternate outcome exists for the client.  They then focus intent and energy into that path to make it more energetic than the one the client is currently committed to.  The path of a single individual will impact little on the path of the planet and so their futures are often very finely balanced, requiring little to make one more dominant than the other.

This sounds like you are about to break open, “The Secret” for another go around…

Not in that way.  But if you understand that the specific personal future that you will follow is one of a set of almost countless, less probable, potential futures.  Each probably future is so incredibly finely balanced, you might understand how positive thought and action might help energize one path over another, less pleasant path?  Think of someone who is always scared of being broken into.  I know of a few who hold that fear and have been broken into so many times it has long ceased to be a coincidence.  Someone who states what they don’t want often gets that very stated thing. 

The mind has energized that thing and they have followed the requested path which now holds that thing.  You do not think your way around reality, but you do determine the flavor of your little bit of it!  Choose to dwell upon and energize beauty and light and love; that is what you will bring into your life.  It is not a smorgasbord where you order a gratifying lump of happiness, it is an experience where your lack of self-absorbment and desire allows you to experience happiness.  When motivated by clean intentions, energy moves and futures alter beneficially and wonderfully.

So those who claim to be continually fighting in spiritual battles and wars are in-fact producing their own demons?

Totally!  How can you destroy or fight a thing in the name of unity?  If I come across [shamanically] an entity which intends harm, my intent to bring it peace, to mobilize the stagnant energy of which it is made.  When energy moves, it becomes dynamic and seeks movement, losing its quality of stagnation (negativity).  That entity simply ceases to be, returned in a cloud of bliss and love back into multi-potential, dynamic energy.  The conscious Shaman's intent is to leave peace behind themselves and their actions, at every opportunity.

Does it always work out that way?

Unfortunately, no.  In some cases where I have a specific person doing a negative thing with full intent, they are totally uninterested in conciliation.  In that case, there may be a little more directed intent applied.  The goal is always to seek peace and love first though.  There is no victory in fighting, just an outcome.  Victory is when everyone and everything is better off for your interaction.  An outcome is what you get when there is no victory to be had.

What sort of thing are you talking about?

Curses, negative intent, projected harm; that sort of thing.  Curses can be real, just as negative intent may be focused or projected too.  In many of these cases, the person projecting is doing so in conscious knowledge and with malice.  In these cases, dealing with the curse is a process of 'grounding out' the curse to drain its energy and then returning the curse back to the issuer so that their healing is based upon their release of that negative energy and intent.  This is not ‘payback’, or ‘teaching them a lesson’ or anything else like that, although there may be lessons available for learning; simply giving the curse back to the person who owns it.  That this is destructive to them is their own device and their own problem.  As soon as the curse is released by the issuer, will find their own health and/or circumstances improving.

We might come back to this discussion.

I don't doubt it.  It is probably enough of that for now though.  From here, I think our next talk should be on some foundational concepts of Shamanic Practice.  We will, at some stage, have to get into physics and the basic energetic structure of the universe.  Stop looking at me like that!  I am going to keep it as simple as I can.  Actually, there is a pet topic of mine; Why do I use the term industrialized rather than Western or Eastern or other nominators of origin.  Anyway, let’s have a feed and get back to it later on?